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Retail IT Channel Insights from Brett Bennett of POSitive Technology
Episode 4810th July 2024 • Rising Stars Podcast • Star Micronics
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Join host Kate Orara on the Rising Stars Podcast as she explores the latest in retail technology solutions. This episode features Brett Bennett, co-founder and President of POSitive Technology. Brett shares how OpSuite and OpSuitePOS are setting new standards in retail management and POS systems.

Listeners will also learn about Brett's role as Board Chair of the Retail Solutions Providers Association (RSPA), the benefits of RSPA membership, and his vision for the future. They will discover how these advancements are transforming the retail IT channel and uncover key tools and strategies for rising professionals in this industry.

Tune in to hear Brett’s insider insights on demonstrating value to end-users and navigating the evolving retail landscape.

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