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535. Expansive Friendships + Life Transitions with Jordan Younger and Jenna Zoe
Episode 53528th July 2022 • Almost 30 • Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik
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Join Krista in this warm hug of a roundtable conversation featuring two close friends of the podcast, Jordan Younger and Jenna Zoe, as they talk about evolving (and dying) during periods of rapid change, staying true to ourselves and each other every day, and being a source of energy and inspiration for those around us without letting it drain us in a negative way.

Most of all, this is a connection of three souls that are intertwined in mutual respect, deep love, and curious enlightenment – bouncing off of one another in a colorful illustration of what expansive friendship in your 30s can and could be. Get open, get honest, and tap in with us.

We also talk about:

  • Remembering that we’re not here forever 
  • Jordan on becoming a mother
  • Jenna’s past two years of change
  • Staying openhearted 
  • Expansive friendship 
  • Getting work done with your human design
  • Finding the right mix of process and flow
  • Allowing all sides of ourselves
  • Feeling called to share, or not share
  • Mantras we’re coming back to  


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