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#6 Grace Kim, DVM - A Richer Life DVM
Episode 62nd June 2019 • The Veterinarian Success Podcast • Isaiah Douglass
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My guest on today's show is Grace Kim, DVM or better know as A Richer Life DVM a financial blogger. 

We discuss her story of growing up as a child of South Korean immigrants. Working at multiple types of veterinary care practices across the country due to her husband's placements as a physician. How being sold whole life insurance was the trigger to understand how money works and get a better handle on the family’s finances. How The Merck Wellness Study was a big factor in launching the blog. Why talking about money is important for veterinarians and shouldn’t be looked at as taboo. Her favorite blog post and why it’s likely not one you’d expect. Her thoughts on financial advisors and how to evaluate them. Make sure you listen to the end where she talks about what the future holds and I’m sure you’ll be hearing and reading a lot more of her work!– with that introduction enjoy my discussion full of insights and laughs with Dr. Grace Kim. 

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Getting the “whole” story: My take on Whole Life Insurance

Merck Wellness Study

Dr. Kim's favorite Blog Post

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