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Introduction to Indiana Construction Law - Mechanic’s Liens, Part 1
Episode 276th February 2024 • Krieg DeVault Podcast Series • Krieg DeVault
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A construction site is a very complicated place.  There’s a number of stakeholders and participants that can create both liability and risk.

In this episode of the Krieg DeVault Podcast Series, Krieg DeVault attorney, George Lepeniotis speaks with colleagues Blake Holler and Chris Bloomer, attorneys in the Construction Law Practice. While some aspects of construction law look like the “Wild West,” much of the practice area is governed by statutory law. The trio discuss the importance of American Institute of Architects (AIA) documents, the standardized contracts that are foundational for many construction projects. While AIA documents can be important starting points, lawyers are still able to negotiate the specifics of contracts based on the needs of the project. Ultimately, these highly specialized construction contracts serve to prevent future litigation. 

Blake and Chris also begin a discussion about mechanic’s liens, which are governed by the hyper-technical Indiana Mechanic’s Lien Act, which will be the focus of future podcasts. Tune in as George, Blake, and Chris dive into the nuances of the industry.

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