Exploring Psychedelics as Psychoplastogens: Establishing Keystone Habits to Improve Your Life with Conor Murphy - 57
Episode 5715th August 2022 • The Psychedelic Leadership Podcast • Live Free Laura D
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What is the secret for creating lasting change and becoming who we really want to be? How do we unlock our potential for more fulfillment, massive productivity, and life-altering insights? In this episode, we explore the leading research in neuroscience, flow state, and habit formation, and how psychedelic practices assist in unlocking a world of exploration and creativity for our generation of visionary leaders.

Learn how to work with your neurobiology to create more positive habits in your life with more ease and effectiveness, how to increase your ability to learn and retain information, how to unlock insights and ideas and enhance your mental wellbeing, and how to transform yourself.

Get ready for a crash course in neuroscience as I interview Conor Murphy who integrates AI, neuroscience, and venture capital as a Lead Data Scientist at Databricks and a Founding Limited Partner at Lionheart Ventures. In the field of AI, he is a subject matter expert in deep learning and distributed machine learning having held various positions such as a faculty role at University of New Haven's graduate program for Data Science and lead consultant across various stage companies and industry domains.


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