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108 | Earth 2.0: Creating a regenerative future combining ancient wisdom with technological innovation with James Hodges
Episode 1088th May 2023 • Sacred Changemakers • Jayne Warrilow
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Earth 2.0: Creating a regenerative future combining ancient wisdom with technological innovation

Our guest on the podcast today is Serial entrepreneur and investor, James Hodges, who graduated from The University of Auckland (NZ) and the University of California - Berkeley with a Bachelor of Commerce. His bold mission is to create the "New Earth." A loving, abundant, harmonious world that is fueled through raising consciousness, a market-neutral crypto quant fund, sustainable tech, and developing community-based land projects. Co-Founder and General Partner at Amphibian Capital, Founder at New Earth Ventures, and Next-Level coaches. 9+ years of Crypto experience. Has been in personal development for 14+ years, traveled to 37 countries, and is currently based in Nosara, Costa Rica.

James shares his own personal journey of how he came to harness his spiritual power for success in business. We talk through the crazy pace of the modern world and how we can shift to a more expansive future, embodying a vision for a conscious, regenerative future for all humans.

Listen in as James shares not just his vision for a better world, but also the path to get there, how we can all make the choice to live consciously encouraging the mainstream adoption of sustainable and regenerative projects, and this all begins with following the natural human path through 3 levels of evolution that we discuss in detail. My key takeaways include the importance of respecting our personal journeys, incorporating spirituality into business practices, and understanding the power of emotion, logic, and urgency in sales strategies. So incredibly insightful!

If you want to be a better human and help create a better world for yourself and others, then I encourage you to listen to this deeply resonant dialogue for insights. I suspect you’ll enjoy James’s perspective on how we can all slow down, become more awake and aware, and build meaningful relationships essential to experiencing joy and happiness from within, (not to mention how this can supercharge your business!)

Key Takeaways

  • How James began his deep dive into personal development through dating!
  • What slowing down and tapping into nature can do for your life and business
  • How we can build the bridges to a better world and the projects James is leading
  • Incorporating spirituality into our business practices can lead to exponential growth.
  • Emotion, logic, and urgency should be used when creating sales strategies

Memorable Quote

“What are the existential threats to humanity? As humans we currently have a 15-20% chance of full extinction as a species”—James Hodges

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