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Kay Allen-Carr: From Marketing VP to Mastering Agency Growth
1st February 2024 • From Passion to Profit™️ • Cheya Media
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Kay Allen-Carr is a seasoned marketer and agency owner, whose experiences provide valuable insights for any business owner aiming to turn their passion into profit.

In this episode of From Passion to Profit™️, you'll get an insider's look at how she climbed the corporate ladder to become Vice President of Marketing and Analytics, her strategic pivot back to hands-on marketing services, and the vibrant growth of her new agency.

Having spent a decade climbing the corporate ladder to become the vice president of marketing and analytics, Kay developed invaluable skills in digital marketing. Prepare to be inspired by the lessons Kay has garnered, the wisdom in her candid struggles with letting go of control and perfectionism, and how she leverages her profound expertise to transform her passion into a thriving, purpose-driven enterprise.

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