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Yearly Review: Questions that Change the Game + Open Doors!
Episode 7628th December 2022 • Breaking Chains • Christine Jewell
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Today's episode is a bit of a wake up call as well as a practical guide on how you can change the game and open new doors by simply pausing and asking the RIGHT questions!

What I have discovered after 20+ years of coaching is that most people rush through this time of year, overstuffed, overextended, over scheduled - trying to please everyone else rather than tune into what really matters most and how they want to EXPERIENCE life right now.

Every year I cherish this time to reflect, review, recalibrate and refocus. This has been a powerful practice that has allowed me to make quantum leaps in my life as well as course adjustments when I was totally off track.

In today's episode I unpack

  • The RACE against time. Why are some people constantly in a rat race?
  • Key QUESTIONS I ask myself and my clients this time of year
  • My personal Annual Reflection + VISION Casting Process
  • The POWER of the PAUSE
  • Some of my Key Lessons from 2022
  • Why I no longer set goals, but cast visions and focus on aligned action instead
  • CLOSING old chapters and intentionally writing new ones

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