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Matters of the Heart: A Journey from Scam Victim to National Advocate for Justice
Episode 2514th September 2022 • IAFCI Presents... The Protectors •
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Our next episode was recorded live on location from the IAFCI's International Conference in National Harbor, MD. Host Mark Solomon sits down with Kate Kleinert, a survivor of a romance scam who became a national champion for awareness and justice. Together with experts Kathy Stokes and Paul Greenwood, the group discusses frauds, scams, and the incredible story of a survivor of a romance scam as told by the victim herself. Think it can't happen to you? So did Kate!

Paul Greenwood, President and CEO of Greenwood Law Corporation

Kathy Stokes, National Director of Fraud Prevention for AARP

Kate Kleinert, Scam victim; AARP Fraud Watch Volunteer and National Advocate