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Episode 72 - Renee Greene Murphy-Unlocking Children's Intuition
Episode 723rd May 2024 • Bringing Education Home • Kristina & Herb Heagh-Avritt
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Episode 72 - Renee Greene Murphy-Unlocking Children's Intuition

Renee Murphy

Renee Murphy is a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a school counselor, and now an author of her first children's book, Your Heart's Voice. Renee was born and raised in New York. She worked as a school counselor for ten years in New York City. She has her Master's Degree in Counseling and School Leadership. Since having children, Renee has been home helping raise her children, ages three, six and nine. Books are an integral part of her family's day. Luckily, all three have a strong love for books, which helped Renee develop the idea of writing this book. Renee has always used her intuition, starting from a young age, to adulthood, to help guide her in making the right choices for her life and wanted to write this book to help remind others to use theirs.

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