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Make A Scene Canada - Make A Scene Canada EPISODE 1, 23rd August 2018
Welcome to the premiere of M.A.S
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Welcome to the premiere of M.A.S

This is Cherelle Jardine and you’re listening to Make a Scene. 

On this 1st ever epsisode, I Interview Rob Snopek from Music MadHouse Records and the Hippie Hootenanny and Billy Sayer from Beautiful Frenzy - who will be performing at the  HH.  

Music from Breakout West's "rock album of the year" Band of Rascals... songs by HH headliners La Chinga and Breathe by HEAD.

Shout out for upcoming shows in BC.

Tonight’s show is sponsored by Break out West and Zed Productions,  

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We're on Pacific Northwest Radio, Tuesday at 8 pm PST.  Thanks for listening.

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