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#030: What Do You Want? Why Clarity + Self Exploration is Necessary For True Fulfillment with Lucia Giovannini
Episode 3031st December 2018 • ICONS with Ava Johanna • Ava Johanna
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This week on the Alchemized Life Podcast we welcome Lucia Giovannini, a yogi, fire-walk instructor, life coach, and former Italian supermodel for a conversation on awakening mindfulness, staying inspired, getting clear on your dreams, and using meditation to stay balanced.

Lucia started modeling by accident quickly realizing that career was bringing her all a girl could hope for, yet still left her feeling unfulfilled. So after several years, she went on her own healing journey. It was back in 80-s when she'd get other models with her to sit in a dressing room, chanting "Om".

Lucia went within, going barefoot for a year, emerging into healing practices. One of the first transformational speakers in Italy, she was soon was regarded a “Louise Hay of Italy”. Her book “A whole new life” sold thousands of copies around Europe, was translated into 8 languages and will be debuting in the US in March 2019.

She speaks wisdom in a light accessible way and has thousands of stories to illustrate her points: starting from times she was growing up in Africa, to being an international model in her 20-s, to stepping on a path of transformation.

In this episode, we talk about Lucia’s path to becoming a speaker and author. We discuss how to approach roadblocks in our journey and Ancient Eastern rituals Lucia infuses into her transformational work. This episode will help you heal from past trauma, manage excuses, and push forward in the face of procrastination.