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362. Making the Best Staff Choices with Kurt Wilkin of HireBetter and Who's Your Mike?
Episode 36215th August 2022 • The ONE Thing • Nova Media
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You can’t build a business on your own. And as you grow, the people who helped you build may no longer be a good fit for their role—or for the growth and direction of the company. So how do you handle these employees? And how do you hire for the future?

Kurt Wilkin is the co-founder of Hire Better, an award-winning agency based in Austin, Texas, and the author of Who's Your Mike?: A No-Bullshit Guide to the People You'll Meet on Your Entrepreneurial Journey. We talk about who those people are, and more importantly, how to handle the transitions as your organization grows.

Learn all about “Mike” and the different employee archetypes in your company in Kurt Wilkin’s book, Who's Your Mike?

To learn more, and for the complete show notes, visit:

We talk about:

  • Who “Mike” is and how to find them in your business
  • The pros and cons of hiring friends in your business
  • The real cause behind “the great resignation” and how you can avoid it in your organization
  • Identifying values and aligning them with your goals
  • Approaching remote or in-person work
  • What to do when your company outgrows an employee
  • Recognizing when you’re the problem

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