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Ep.43 "The neutrinos are melting" The Best Disaster Scenario Debate
Episode 4321st May 2020 • The Reel Debaters Podcast • The Reel Debaters Podcast
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Debaters.....This week WE DEBATE!

On the show this week the cast pull from the current globally shared issues we are all experiencing and try and add a little comedic flair in hopes to steal a laugh or 2 during these crazy times.

The Premise: The world has been turned on its head and disasters, certain pandemics and global chaos has started to happen. You're caught between a busted dam and a tidal wave and you need some serious rescuing say from a ....a famous disaster movie character to bring you back to safety. Who do you draft and why?

Rules: The movie must have some sort of major disaster/pandemic happening in the movie or is a major part of the subplot.

***follow us on instagram to cast your vote and help influence the judge, voting ends Friday at 8am central standard time***

Cast: Martin Navvaro, Jimmy Skinner and Mark Cowell

Official and Judge: Micheal Petrow

Martin 4:10-49:00

Mark 50:00-1:34:00

Jimmy 1:36:00-2:14

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