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How will earnings season impact the market?
Episode 5224th April 2023 • Two Blokes Trading • Rory & Jonathan! (Two Blokes Trading)
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In this week’s episode, Mike and Rory reflect on the economic data, U.S. earnings season as well as discussing the impact the higher-than-expected inflation rate in the UK has on the economy and the market.

Major earnings from last week included Tesla and Morgan Stanley which are both lightly discussed in this week’s podcast with a more in-depth analysis available on the app. Rory also shares some thoughts on how he generates trade idea strategies at the macro level by using a supply chain and recent earnings report analysis.

Mike shares with us what is on his watchlist and some of the indicators he will be looking out for in the coming weeks and months. He also explains his methods of the tell-tale signs of exactly how the economy is performing under the hood. Mike also mentions his thoughts behind gold playing a much more important role for portfolio managers for the reminder of the year and how he things it will affect the positioning at both the retail level and the professional level. Mike and Rory also share their own personal view behind why it may be better to invest into other asset classes than Gold to sustain better long-term results.

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