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Ep. 020 - Pratik Naik: Through the Lens of Tomorrow
Episode 2011th December 2023 • Generator • Matt Stagliano
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In this episode, Maine portrait photographer Matt Stagliano talks with Pratik Naik, one of the world's foremost commercial retouchers and educators.

Pratik is also the founder of the Infinite Color Panel and co-founder of Future of Photo. Starting with Photoshop in 1999, his background in photo manipulation led to a natural transition into retouching through photography. His work has been featured in Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, and other high-end publications, showcasing over 15 years of experience in the editorial and commercial realms.

Pratik's distinctive style is marked by a non-destructive and concise approach, focusing on bringing photographers' visions to life. Beyond his artistic endeavors, he is dedicated to empowering creatives through education and resource development. His ability to collaborate across various styles stems from his history as a photographer, providing a comprehensive understanding of the industry from both creative and technical perspectives.

You can find Pratik's retouching work online at, or on social @solsticeretouch

For his Future of Photo course, you can find that at and his discussions about AI can be found on Instagram at

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