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#50 What our dogs want us to know | with Dr Peter Dobias and Catherine Edwards
Episode 5017th November 2023 • Live - Love - Learn with Catherine Edwards • Catherine Edwards
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Tune in for a tail-wagging episode as I'm joined by the amazing Dr Peter Dobias to talk about all things dogs.

We explore crucial topics like considering a dog's perspective, what to think about before getting a dog, breed choices, rescue versus breeders, the harm a collar and certain leads can cause, paw behavior mysteries, and the fascinating Healing Cycle.

Episode Guest:

Peter has over 30 years of experience as a veterinarian. He has a background in both holistic and conventional veterinary medicine, animal homeopathy, and natural nutrition. In 2008, he sold his thriving holistic veterinary practice in North Vancouver, BC, Canada to pursue his passion for educating the public about disease prevention and natural treatment methods.

His goal is to help dog lovers create a healthy and long life for their canine friends naturally. His supplements and other products are made from all-natural, human-grade ingredients that are certified organic whenever possible.

You can learn more about Peter Dobias at:

Peter's Podcast: Not Just About Dogs.

Peter's website

Peter's Facebook

Peter's Instagram

Key Moments: 

  • 00:00:00 - Coming up…
  • 00:01:08 - KindaSound Radio & The Holistic Biologist
  • 00:04:27 - Meet Dr Peter Dobias
  • 00:06:44 - A dog’s point of view
  • 00:11:57 - Before you get a dog
  • 00:17:20 - Choosing a breed & their needs
  • 00:19:30 - Rescue vs. breeders
  • 00:31:05 - Peter’s song for KindaSound Radio
  • 00:34:11 - Collars, leads & health issues
  • 00:39:49 - Paw licking and chewing
  • 00:44:54 - The digestive tract, spine & collars
  • 00:52:16 - The Healing Cycle & food
  • 01:01:35 - Final thoughts


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Disclaimer: The purpose of this podcast is to keep curious and keep free. The opinions of the guests do not necessarily represent the opinions of the host and vice versa - exploring different opinions is key to growth. The content in this podcast and on this website is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or veterinary advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your doctor or other qualified healthcare professional with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical or veterinary advice because of something you have heard on my podcast or website.

Music by Oleksii Kaplunskyi from Pixabay