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Beer Buyers Club Show - The Beer Connoisseur EPISODE 2, 7th September 2020
Jerry Vietz, Brewmaster of Unibroue
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Jerry Vietz, Brewmaster of Unibroue

Join The Beer Connoisseur for our Livestream Happy Hour and weekly Podcast with today's featured brewer Jerry Vietz, Brewmaster of Unibroue in Chambly, Quebec, Canada. Journey through a guided tasting of some of the latest highly rated and rare beers made available to our Beer Buyers Club members.

This unique event allows BC’s Beer Buyers Club members to taste and discuss these hard-to-find beers with fellow connoisseurs and engage in an in-depth Q&A with the brewers themselves.

In this episode, Jerry discusses La Fin du Monde, a 9.0% ABV year-round Belgian Tripel that scored 91 out of 100 points in The Beer Connoisseur.

The brewery says this of the beer: "Representative of a style that was originally developed by medieval monks who served beer on special occasions, it is a premium beer with a surprising finesse. Like Trappist triple ales, La Fin du Monde is brewed and refermented in the bottle—a first in the American market at the time of launch."

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