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The Four Types of Agni & How They Impact Your Health
Episode 1123rd January 2023 • The Pulse with •
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Your digestion impacts every facet of your health—from nutrient absorption and immunity to your emotions and the appearance of your skin. Tune in to this episode with Ayurvedic coach Śankari Wegman, PhD, and learn why strong digestion is the cornerstone of good health in Ayurveda. 

You’ll learn: 

  • All about agni—your digestive fire, and how to strengthen it naturally using nutrition and herbs
  • About ama (digestive toxins)—what causes them and how to avoid them
  • About ojas (life essence)—why it’s a byproduct of good digestion, and how to foster it
  • About the 4 different types of agni, or digestion: sama agni (balanced digestion), visham agni (irregular digestion/Vata digestion), tikshna agni (fiery digestion/Pitta digestion), and manda agni (sluggish digestion/Kapha digestion
  • An easy cleanse for balancing ALL types of digestion