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Go, Gwen, Go with Gwen & Nancy Jorgensen
Episode 719th March 2024 • Journey Together • Carrie Tollefson
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Join me as I sit down with fellow Olympian Gwen Jorgensen and her mother, Nancy Jorgensen, in this inspiring episode! Gwen, the first American to clinch Olympic gold in the triathlon, shares her incredible journey from being an accountant to a world-class triathlete, and we dive into the emotional highs and lows of her Olympic triumph, her transition from swimming to track and field, and the pivotal role her parents played in nurturing her passion for sports.

Discover Gwen's dedication to pushing her limits and overcoming fears, from confronting her anxieties on a mountain bike to her relentless pursuit of improvement in the triathlon world. We also explore the profound impact of Gwen's supportive partnership with her husband Patrick, and Nancy's insights into parenting and supporting Gwen's athletic endeavors.

Nancy reflects on raising two ambitious daughters deeply immersed in both music and sports, despite not having the same opportunities herself. Their dynamic illustrates the importance of fostering well-rounded individuals who excel in various pursuits. She also touches upon the process behind writing the book Go, Gwen, Go.

From discussing Gwen's recent return to triathlon after a seven-year hiatus to the lessons learned from their collaborative books, our conversation is brimming with wisdom and inspiration. Join us as we celebrate Gwen's resilience, determination, and unwavering commitment to her dreams!

In this episode:

[2:46] Gwen recalls her emotional Olympic victory after years of dedicated training and inward perseverance.

[4:10]: We learn that, despite dreaming of Olympic success in swimming since elementary school, Gwen transitioned to track and field in college.

[6:19]: Gwen credits her parents for not pushing her to specialize early in sports, leading to her passion for triathlon.

[8:15] Nancy touches upon how she fostered a balanced upbringing for her daughters, emphasizing both sports and music.

[10:19]: Nancy reflects on her parenting journey, prioritizing balance and support over pushing her daughters towards Olympic success.

[12:10] Gwen reflects on the challenge of balancing personal success with family happiness and parenting decisions.

[15:02]: Nancy admits that she copes with the nerve-wracking experience of watching Gwen race on TV by cleaning and pacing.

[16:41] Gwen talks about her journey of returning to triathlon after becoming a mother of two.

[18:54]: Hear how Gwen finds motivation in daily training and embraces both highs and lows of racing.

[20:38] Gwen reveals that she embraces vulnerability in sports, inspiring others to pursue ambitious goals despite setbacks.

[23:29] Learn about the process behind Go, Gwen, Go.

[25:46] Nancy takes pride in Gwen's self-advocacy, requesting support unapologetically and acknowledging help graciously.

[27:33] Gwen enthuses over her husband Patrick's nurturing nature, which shines through his unwavering support from the kitchen to international competitions.

[30:57] Gwen emphasizes the importance of not tying self-worth to sports and instead focusing on personal values.

[34:11] Nancy reflects on similarities with Gwen, acknowledging shared drive and overcoming anxiety for her children's sake.

[37:28] Gwen would love to have Kristin Armstrong on the show!

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