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May 2023: A spotlight on sustainability trends, energy self-sufficiently options, falling suckler cow numbers and silage.
15th May 2023 • Agribusiness News • Farm Advisory Service
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Along with our regular monthly updates on policy briefs, arable, beef, sheep and milk, in this edition we are also bringing you 2 sector overviews on sustainability trends and falling suckler cow numbers. We will also be bringing you news on energy self sufficiency options and silage. 

Show Notes  

00.45:-News in Brief 

02.51:-Policy Briefs - New TB controls, minimum wage rates & UK Asia trade deal 

07.49:-Arable - All eyes on the growing crop 

12.41:-Beef - Record breaking prices 

16.02:-Sheep - The Midas Touch 

19.40:-Sector Focus - Precisely what is trending in 2023 

25.44 :-Milk - Milk price continues to slide as spring milk volumes rise  

31.50:-Management Matters - Energy self- sufficiency options 

37.22:-Sector Focus - Beef - Should we be worried about falling suckler cow numbers? 

40.33:-Input Costs - Silage - it pays not to be ‘Average’ 


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