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Kendra Cunov (EP002)
Episode 28th January 2024 • Relational Conversations • MetaRelating
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Kendra Cunov is a long-time friend and collaborator with host Michael Porcelli. Together, they share lessons from years of developing relational training and leading communities of relational practices, particularly in Authentic Relating. They reminisce candidly about experiences from their own relationship as colleagues. And they reflect on the potential blind spots in Authentic Relating culture and practices. They examine what it takes to create what you want to experience in both personal and professional relationships. Their conversation illustrates some of the factors in the evolution of Authentic Relating into MetaRelating.

Key takeaways:

  • Navigating both similarity and difference is crucial in relationships.
  • Self-inquiry is essential for understanding personal desires and growth.
  • Embodiment is key for making an impact and being receptive to others
  • Expanding the capacity for intensity increases the options available in relationships
  • The importance of sensing what a relationship needs beyond individual desire
  • Creating relational contexts and agreements enhance communication and understanding.
  • Processing tensions one at a time can lead to more effective resolution.



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