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A Vision for Empowering Latino Leadership with Eneida Roman
Episode 4829th April 2024 • Entering The Inspiration Zone • Juliette Mayers
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Juliette talks with visionary leader, Eneida Roman, about the transformative power of Amplify Latinx in fostering Latino economic empowerment. Eneida shares insight into the organization's mission to propel the visibility of Latino leaders and the growth of Latino-owned businesses, emphasizing community involvement and public policy advocacy.

Eneida also discusses Amplify Latinx's strategic initiatives designed to uplift an entire community by amplifying less visible leaders and supporting micro businesses.

Episode Highlights:

07:36 - Expanding Outreach in the Latino Community: "Because we understood that the Latino community is the fastest growing population in the nation. And if we're only looking at women, we're missing out on half of that significant growth."

09:46 - Leadership and Economic Empowerment: "We really have honed in on supporting Latino-owned businesses, helping them obtain access to procurement opportunities and access to capital."

14:40 - Empowering Growth: "Because at the end of the day, Latino prosperity is American prosperity because when a community does well, everybody does well.

17:59 - Impact of Recent Supreme Court Ruling on DEI: "And now there's been a ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States that limits that progress somewhat and that has given pause to many leaders about what to do next."

18:36 - Promoting progress for the American economy is about giving equal opportunity, then let's do that. Right? Let's make sure that we are looking at what our country looks like and making sure that we're not giving preference to anybody. We're just looking at what the landscape is like and what we need to do as leaders, as business leaders, to ensure that the next generations do well.


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