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The Power of Telling Our Own Stories
Episode 1229th June 2022 • It Didn't Break Me • Bianca Hughes
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That old adage "Time Flies When You're Having Fun" is so true! I cannot believe it has been twelve weeks since I dropped the first episode of "It Didn't Break Me". Twelve episodes of sharing. Twelve episodes of experiences. Twelve episodes of catharticism. I got to share all of that with you. And I am so honoured. As I wrap up Season 1, I would love for you to join me in some reflection.

Let's engage as I discuss:

  • Creating this podcast
  • Perfectionism
  • Letting go
  • Receiving help
  • Gratitude
  • Sharing Your Story
  • Zone of genius
  • Reflections
  • Season 2 begins September 14th!

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This podcast is hosted by Bianca Kesha Hughes. Known for authenticity and heart-work services, Bianca is the ultimate trailblazer in the mental health and wellness field as a therapist, coach, speaker, and podcast host, inspiring her audience to let go of the illusion of perfectionism. Ready to learn more? Contact her here!


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