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Episode 26 - The Power of Brand Storytelling for Profit
Episode 2612th July 2023 • She's Creating An Empire Podcast • Melanie Greenough
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You have value to add to the world. It's important to me, and it should be important to you, that you're able to share that value with others.

Do you know who you are as a brand? Maybe you do, but have trouble communicating that to others through the content that you create? Or are you just creating content for content’s sake, but not sure if it’s actually helping to serve your business?

Today’s podcast is for you! My special guest is Melanie Deziel. She is a keynote speaker author, award winning branded content creator and a lifelong storyteller. Melanie is the author of the best selling marketing and business communication book, The Content Fuel Framework:  How To Generate Unlimited Story Ideas, and the founder of StoryFuel. 

She’s an expert at helping people figure out how to make their content, represent who they are, share things really aligned with their business values. In this episode, she shares one area of her framework on which you can focus today…and it works for every kind of business.

Episode highlights:

  • Oftentimes you become an entrepreneur because you love a particular industry or product or you know the service that you offer. Not necessarily because you like talking about that product or service.
  • What is it that I should share to help other people understand who we are? I know my brand values, but you can't just post your price list every day and sit and wait for folks to come to me. So how do I create content that's going to align with those values and attract the right audience and hopefully help them stick around?
  • I think anyone who tells you they didn't experience any kind of imposter syndrome is lying to you or is not challenging themselves enough.
  • How Melanie and her husband are helping independent business owners with financial challenges in a unique way.

If you’re struggling with your content and relaying your message to your audience, I encourage you to spend a little time with us and take some great notes.

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