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Episode 15419th July 2021 • The Road To A Billion • Stefan Georgi
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If you’ve ever wondered how some copywriters manage to make $10K a month or more and you’ve been trying to figure out how you can do it too…

You can’t miss episode 148 of “The Road to a Billion” with Stefan Georgi...

The call-in radio show style podcast where he answers YOUR questions on mindset, business ownership, scaling funnels, copywriting, freelancing, and more!

In this episode, Stefan is joined by offer owner and mentor, Troy Ericson.

After being redirected from his dream of becoming a professional baseball player, Troy found himself making a few thousand dollars a month copywriting. It wasn’t until he signed up for Stefan’s Copy Accelerator program that he was able to scale his income to $30K a month.

Now, he’s having $100k+ months as an Email List Management & Deliverability Consultant to 8 & 9 figure brands and helping entrepreneurs scale their email lists to over 6 figures per month by improving email deliverability, automation, strategy, and copy…


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