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TRUTH. Tuning into your inner wisdom.
Episode 2630th January 2022 • Catalyst • Kaylin Dyal
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"Your personal truth is your gift to the world."

Two years ago, I received my acceptance letter to graduate school, and I've been reflecting on my journey since. It began with imposter syndrome which prompted me to investigate this feeling by asking "what is my truth?" I feel very privileged in being able to continue my studies, and in a way that allows me to introspect and uncover my purpose in life. In this mini-sode, I share a few tips and insights on how to identify your truth - applicable to any phase in life. A larger discussion on trusting your inner wisdom.

Honour yourself and this present moment with a guided meditation, journaling prompt and healing sound bath by LUCIANA.

Moment of mindfulness: Your truth resides within your own being.
Journaling Prompt: What is my truth? What is true to me?

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