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Unleash the Power of Frameworks, Methodologies, and Processes In Your Business
9th September 2015 • Technology Translated • Rainmaker.FM
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Frameworks, methodologies, and processes are abstract constructs that leave a lot of confusion about their purpose, how they re different, and where and when they are used. Despite sounding like language lard, understanding these three ideas can unleash the power in your business.

When I was working in corporate consulting all three of these constructs were key to how we helped businesses to move parts of their operation from a state of chaos to a more organized, sane environment.

They also helped us to establish new lines of business to solve emerging problems without having invent new ways of approaching them.

Understanding frameworks, methodologies, and processes, and how to put them together can be transformational for your business.

In this 13-minute episode I walk you through:

  • The difference between a framework, methodology, and process
  • Examples of each construct
  • How each transforms your business
  • Why documentation is critical
  • Why attempting automation without these elements is asking for trouble

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