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I Just Learned My Child Has Dyslexia...Now What?
Episode 920th October 2021 • Voices of Compassion • CHC
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A dyslexia diagnosis can be bittersweet: in some ways, it might help explain your child’s struggles in school and their anxieties about falling behind. But finding the right supports for your child is daunting, and you can't help but worry about the long-term impacts on their happiness, confidence and success. In today’s podcast episode, we sat down with CHC’s Lisa Parnello, MEd and Dr. Vivien Keil, both of whom have devoted their lives to evaluating, educating and advocating for children who learn differently. Listen today to learn how to partner with your child’s school to ensure appropriate accommodations, how to talk to your child about their diagnosis, and pro tips for fostering strengths and finding support. 


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