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Brand Like a Rockstar Featuring Steve Jones: High Gear Conference Speaker Series
Episode 217th September 2023 • Near Me Radio • Ryan Burton
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Welcome to "Near Me Radio", the ultimate podcast destination for auto repair professionals. Every episode promises enlightening conversations, tailored insights, and a peek into the dynamic world of automotive repairs.

In this exclusive episode, we're gearing up for the High Gear Auto Repair Marketing Conference with our "Speaker Series". Join your host, Ryan Burton, as he welcomes a true Media Heavyweight, Steve Jones. Steve is a Professional Keynote Speaker, SVP Radio @ Stingray, and Author of marketing books Brand Like a Rock Star and Start You Up.

A perfect blend of music, passion, and business prowess, Steve is not just a media magnate, but a figure whose life resonates like a well-composed tune. His early connection with music, particularly the captivating sound from Billy Joel's "Glass Houses", set the stage for a life deeply intertwined with rhythms, melodies, and business savvy.

After a stint as an aspiring musician, destiny channeled Steve into the world of radio, where he found his true calling. Not just content with mastering the media landscape, Steve's foray into the realms of business insights and music led to his seminal work, "Brand like a Rockstar". This book sheds light on the nuances of transforming ordinary customers into loyal fans, using principles drawn from the world of rock and roll.

In our special episode, prepare to embark on a captivating journey. Explore Steve's deep understanding of branding and relive some of his most cherished concert memories, including awe-inspiring marketing moments from Taylor Swift, Bruce Springsteen and Foo Fighters.

Join us and be a part of this harmonious blend of business insights and musical anecdotes with the incredible Steve Jones. Tune in now!