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Put your dog on a lead and be a considerate owner with Zoe Willingham
4th July 2023 • The Paw Post Podcast • Rachel Spencer
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Are you fed up with other dogs bounding over to your dog when you're out on walks?

Of 'it's ok they're friendly,' as unruly pups terrorise your pet and selfish owners who just don't care?

If you're nodding along, then you'll love this podcast with Zoe Willingham, creator of Dog On A Lead Day which is taking place on July 14th.

Zoe is a dog mum and behaviourist with 12 years of experience and shares what you need to know when it comes to keeping your dog safe.

Plus how, if your dog is out of control, it could be seized and even put to sleep.

These are the key topics and timings in this episode:

0.30 - How Zoe decided to start her business

1.32 - Put your dog on a lead day

3.37 - Dealing with aggressive dogs on walks. 

6.08 - When dogs should be on a lead and off the lead. 

8.25 - Why it’s more common to be dealing with dangerously out-of-control dogs.

11.05 - What happens if your dog is seized by police? 

13.48 - The responsibility of dog ownership and safety. 

16.56 - How to be a considerate dog owner. 

19.25 - What are the options for letting dogs have freedom? 

22.13 - Raising awareness about dog safety. 

24.02 - How to find out more about Zoe.

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