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How can the young avoid life’s pitfalls?
Episode 1029th July 2022 • Soapbox Daily • Mad Morgan
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Why not Learn from previous generations? Learn from those that have been there already. Don’t try to rewrite a possible ‘new’ way and Listen to the outcome from those that have been there. They say it is about the journey and experience but do we need to repeat mistakes? Why not just avoid the BS and sit down with the previous gens that have been there and learn about the what to do to avoid the pitfalls?

Like always this is will be the VERY best variety topic excellence you expect from us. These are our opinions and thoughts which all MAY not agree with. Please feel free to 'change the channel' if you don't like what you hear. Our goal is to make the world a better place for everyone and not serve a small minority. Thoughts, comments and constructive contributions welcome but NOT hate or negative. Please be respectful to our host and guests.

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