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324. Building Your Brand in Entertainment Law with Joshua Lastine
Episode 3244th July 2022 • The Law Entrepreneur • Neil Tyra
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Joshua Lastine is an entertainment lawyer in Beverly Hills, CA. His story is a little bit of iconic Hollywood story, although it's a little different - young man leaves the central plains of the Midwest, heads to California to make his fame and fortune, goes law school at Pepperdine, and does just that by becoming an entertainment attorney handling all manners of the business of the entertainment industry. I think, oftentimes, we think of entertainment law as being solely centered on an agency representing the talent that performs. But as you'll hear from Joshua, it's much, much more than that with many more opportunities. I had a great time chatting with Joshua, and I hope you enjoy that conversation.


In this episode, Neil and Joshua discuss:

  • What entertainment law is and how it intersects with Hollywood. 
  • Understanding the business of entertainment and the business of law. 
  • The contracts that go into making content. 
  • The influence of collective bargaining and unions in the entertainment industry. 


Key Takeaways:

  • Entertainment is about making a product and starts with an initial good idea that needs to be bought, sold, developed, and everything in between, just like anything else. 
  • Building your firm is all about who you know, networking, and building relationships. 
  • To hire in the current market, you need to have interest aligned between where you and your firm are going and where the possible incoming attorney wants to go. 
  • As an entertainment lawyer, you are a vocal advocate for doing what is right, making sure that everyone is kind of paid, and everyone gets what they deserve.


"Right now it's such a hot job market that you really have to have your interests completely aligned, in terms of where you want your business and company to go and where your employee sees themselves where they want to go because they have opportunities pretty much everywhere." —  Joshua Lastine


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