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The Turning Point With Dan Maw - Daniel Maw 19th April 2017
Life Is Too Short To Lose Time Doing Something You Don’t Enjoy Doing With Claude Viens
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Life Is Too Short To Lose Time Doing Something You Don’t Enjoy Doing With Claude Viens

After graduating from electronics school in 1982, at age 17, Claude landed a computer technician job at Urgences Santé (which today would probably be called the 911 central). It was a so-called secure job with above average wages and all of the benefits one might expect from a public service job. But Claude saw bigger. He wanted more than just being part of the social mould that had people driving to work and back like robots, constantly complaining about everything and expecting nothing more out of life than a comfortable retirement fund.


In 1993, with a wife and child plus another one on the way, he decided to make a move. After almost 12 years of watching ambitious people become nothing but shadows of themselves, Claude was determined enough to take on a new challenge. Following his father’s footsteps, he went back to school for a while and became a financial advisor, writing income tax reports and selling mutual funds and insurance.

This went on for another 7 years but it was very difficult to keep up with the financial world without passion for it. Claude’s heart was in show business, more precisely, the technical aspect of show business. In 2001, he turned the financial business over to his partner and went on to follow another path. This time, it would be much more difficult to get enough income out of it to support a family but Claude had the sacred fire burning inside of him. Passion can make you find a way where there is no apparent solution.

Today at 52, he is a renowned lighting director and designer, head of the lighting department at a Montreal-based sound and lighting company.  He is also an author and motivational speaker, telling people that dreams are attainable and healthy living like any other human behaviour is a learnable skill.


Claude’s Key Points

  • Myself and the way I perceived life and myself.
  • Changing your mindset of how you’re perceived.
  • Everything is learnable


Guest Links

  1. Website –  www.claudeviens.com
  2. Blog –  www.mostpowerfuldevice.com
  3. Article – http://intellimix.com/avl-announces-appointment-of-claude-viens-as-lighting-specialist/


Top Quotes

  • When I graduated school as an electronics technician.
  • I had a government job so I had all the security and the above average wages.
  • The only problem was that it was very fulfilling.
  • I felt that there was more to life than going to work and back.
  • My mother gave me a book called The Game of Life and How to Play It which got my thinking.
  • I did become a financial advisor but my heart was not there and I got pretty bored.
  • My best friend asked if I wanted to produce a show and I thought I don’t have time for this but my heart was screaming “yes, yes, yes!”. Three weeks later we were on the road.
  • My friend actually started a dance studio and I was helping produce the shows.
  • I was always interested in the technical aspect of it all and I didn’t realise you could make a living that way, I found out my accident.
  • I slowly moved away from the financial world to eventually hand it all over to my partner.
  • What triggered all of this was my mother dying.
  • I realised this is life and this is what can happen to you.
  • Life is too short to lose your time doing something you don’t enjoy doing.
  • I pretty much locked myself in the studio and toured with the bands for 5 years until I ran out of money.
  • I went to the rental company where I got the lighting and sound stuff and they hired my at $9 an hour fixing cables.
  • After 2 weeks they realised who I was and what I could do and then they put on the road doing lighting stuff.
  • I just got into it because I was so passionate about it.
  • I’m jamming with the band, I just have a different instrument which is a lighting console
  • If you want to be able to make a living out of whatever you’re passionate about because you never count the hours, you will never get tired.
  • Whatever anybody feels like doing, it’s getting over the insecurity.
  • Everyone is looking for a swap that’s as safe as possible, trying not to risk everything but risk is part of the game.
  • The change can be slow and progressive, either in part-time or in your spare time.
  • The problem with us humans is we’re impatient.
  • I’d rather say today, I shouldn’t have done this or that rather than saying I should have.
  • Be persistent and be patient.
  • As long as you’re working towards your goal, you’re at least making things better every day.
  • I came out of touring with nothing, I had to sell my house to avoid bankruptcy.
  • I was actually living in my house as a tenant, I paid rent. Which was very hard on my ego.
  • After all of my wife’s support, I thought it’s time I did something for her, so I picked myself up.
  • My wife had been looking at a new house and I decided that I wanted to work towards that but I had a mountain to climb.
  • In order to work towards that, I had to get to that I had to get out there and get in shape.
  • Failure was not an option this time.
  • It was a huge change but it was one little change at a time.
  • Do one little thing until it becomes a habit and then add the next thing on and do the same again.
  • Make minor changes that don’t disturb my social life or whatever it is that you’re used to.
  • Time is your friend or you enemy, it depends on how you use it.
  • Nothing is stopping yourself from becoming something else.
  • If you think you can but can’t, everything is learnable.
  • Everyone needs a trigger and Tony Robbins was that trigger.
  • Find people who do something similar to what you want in life and ask them about it.
  • If it’s education you lack, everything is learnable.
  • Once I discovered audio books, time spent travelling suddenly became valuable as I could learn all the time.
  • I wanted to share the things I’ve had to overcome.
  • Since I had to document what I’m going to say in my speech, why not write a book.
  • The most powerful device you will ever come across is in your head, it’s your brain.
  • To resume a life worth or trial and error, I’d do it all again in the exact same way.
  • I am what I am today because of all the good, bad and the chances.


Key Timestamps

  • [0:58] – Going through the history
  • [4:40] – My best friend asked me a question
  • [6:18] – Wouldn’t it be nice if I could do this for a living
  • [7:09] – Making movements
  • [9:37] – Following my heart
  • [10:40] – Life after time on the road
  • [17:33] – Looking back
  • [19:38] – My time in a mobile home
  • [23:33] – The trigger of change
  • [27:35] – The biggest obstacles
  • [32:02] – Education whilst on the move
  • [34:30] – Motivational speaking and my book
  • [37:56] – Was it worth it?
  • [39:25] – Guest links


Interview Resources

  1. Pat Flynn’s How to Write an e-book
  2. Tony Robbins