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Innovation in Newy
Episode 112th April 2021 • Welcome to Day One • Welcome to Day One
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Welcome to Day One is supported and the founder spotlights are made possible by our major sponsor the City of Newcastle’s Newihub.

Join the community made up of entrepreneurs from Newcastle & the surrounding areas. Go to Newihub to sign up for your free account.


Hello and welcome to a brand new season of Welcome to Day One. The podcast for regional startups & the organisations that support Australian entrepreneurship. Welcome to Day One is brought to you by the City of Newcastle's brand new innovation platform, Newihub. To learn more and to sign up for a free account, click the link in today's show notes or simply go to

Today is a special episode titled Innovation in Newy, the goal of today's episode is to understand what innovation is and take a brief look at where Newcastle has come from and where it's heading.

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