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Scaling Your Creative Business: The Artistpreneur Approach | with Evan Price
Episode 9214th June 2023 • Progressions: Success in the Music Industry • Travis Ference
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Today’s guest is artist manager, educator, and entreprenuer Evan Price. He and his team at Artist Collective are on a mission to transform artists into what he calls “artistpreneurs” and help them build a profitable business around their passions. Prior to founding Artist Collective, Evan wore countless hats in the music industry from musician, to promoter, to manager so we’ve got insights for everybody in this one. We covered everything from the “4 Elements Needed to Scale a Creative Business” to why your new song might not be the best “offer” for your audience. We also got into ways that producers and engineers can diversify and stabilize their income, the importance of prioritizing your time, and hot to frame the “story” of the music.

🗒 In this episode we'll dig in on... 🗒

  • What is an Artistpreneur?
  • How to focus on high-value offers in the music industry
  • Strategies to help connect with audiences emotionally
  • Turning followers into leads
  • Music business degrees vs regular business degrees
  • Monetizing creative skill sets and building a brand around them
  • Focusing on prioritization
  • Identifying and targeting superfans for growth
  • Strategies for diversifying income streams in the audio industry

🎙 Travis' Intro 🎙

Does Marketing Matter More Than Skills?

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Northlane - Listen

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Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller - Here

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Guest: Evan Price

Host: Travis Ference

Editor: Stephen Boyd

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