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RE - Michael Owen
Episode 11st December 2020 • REMarkable! • Steven Rick & Tim Elliott
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If you’ve listened to any of season one of this podcast you would have heard us refer to Michael Owen & his work before so it made perfect sense for us to have Michael Owen as our first ever guest on The RE of Marketing Podcast.. . and by the way he is f**king brilliant!

What are you for? 

It’s a big question. That question started Tim’s fandom of Michael off. 

Michael started as a furniture designer, travelled through the world of universities and enterprise organisations, into running agencies before we meet him today as founder of 3 brilliant brands.

The main theme of this conversation was ‘purpose’ and focussed on one of Michaels brands specifically ‘Always Wear Red’ where he makes the best hand knits in the world that encourage you to do nothing.

Purpose is the perfect topic to accompany the Always Wear Red Story as Michael tells us about the ideas and actions that go into growing this awesome brand.

We won’t share any more because ‘spoilers’ but here are some tweetables.

  • Paynter Jackets are masters of detailed storytelling that makes us care.
  • Be selective from who you learn from.
  • If purpose appears in the operational bit of the business plan and not the marketing bit you’ve got it right.
  • I want to do things that matter knowing that it won’t matter to everyone and that’s OK.
  • We look after the things we have one of. - If you had only one of a thing how would you behave differently?
  • I still love Apple but I don’t think they love me anymore - 50odd
  • Why don’t you stop making money and do something beautiful instead.
  • Brands need to create a reason to choose them not just to buy from them.
  • Comparison and judgement kill creativity
  • A much better question to ask than ‘Why is it so expensive?’ is why is it so cheap?

The RE of Marketing podcast is where we Rethink, Reframe and Remark on all things marketing and branding. This is season two the interviews where Tim Elliott & Steven Rick have good conversations with some great people from the marketing, brand and business space.