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E52 - Needed Reforms Behind the Walls - Guest Dori Maloney
28th November 2023 • Prisoner's Pardon • Michi J
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Episode 52: Needed Reforms

Behind the Walls 



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In this episode of 'A Prisoner's Pardon Podcast', host

Michi J. chats with Dori Maloney on why prison reforms are needed behind the

walls and the importance of supporting inmates in their course of reformation.

Dori is an ex-guard who shares her observations about the prison system and

explores how reforms can be implemented to assist inmates in becoming better

people in society. Dori explores rehabilitation programs, and education and how

they help inmates transition in society after serving their time. A good start

for prison reforms is educating inmates and introducing them to spirituality in

order to improve their relationship with God. 


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Here’s the timestamps for the episode:


00:00 Introduction to prison reforms 

01:40 Why prison reforms behind the walls is a


03:35 Administration of prison reforms 

04:16 Correctional centers and supporting inmates 

04:56 Teaching rehabilitation 

05:54 Inmate education and knowledge 

06:57 Why reform bills should include inmate needs 

07:22 Conclusion: Assisting inmates to improve their

relationship with God 



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