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242: Filipo Levi - Tackle Your Success
Episode 24227th December 2021 • Leadership Is Changing • Denis Gianoutsos.
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Reinventing yourself can sometimes be as daunting as staring down one of the most intimidating rugby teams in the world. In times like these, it takes someone who has been done both to help others navigate that change.  

Filipo Levi is a natural leader having captained various local and international rugby teams. Only a handful of captains have faced the All Blacks Haka and Filipo, as captain of Manu Samoa, was one of them.

He understands what it takes for teams to perform in high-pressure situations. Having played over 230 first-class games against some of the most revered teams and players in the world.

Filipo has translated these experiences into his book called, "Tackle Your Success”, to help people navigate life and wealth-creation out of the sports world and into the real world.

If anyone has the authority to teach us how to tackle our success it’s definitely Filipo! So, let’s dive in. 

On this episode:

  • What is it like leading a team against one of the most intimidating and successful oppositions of all time? Filipo explains his experience in Rugby. 
  • Filipo talks about how he helps people navigate the disruption of leaving the sports/celebrity world and getting into the real world. 
  • How Filipo would set himself up for success before a game, or in other words, a high-pressure situation. 
  • Leadership has been turned on its head. Filipo talks about how leaders need to adopt emotional intelligence in order to look after their people, themselves, and their businesses. 
  • Filipo talks about the importance of values and aligning them to who you are. “The Foundations have been set.” 
  • Filipo shares how things are shifting to accommodate the wellness of employees and leaders alike, and how we can get ahead by adopting these shifts faster than others.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you don’t move forward, you will always be stuck in your past identity 
  • Leadership is all about action - what you do
  • Leaders need to adopt emotional intelligence and drop “self-intelligence” 
  • Values are the foundation of leadership 
  • People are looking to work where the values are aligned with their’s
  • Go into a new place with the intention to inspire not to solve problems

Tweetable Quotes:

“Leaders have to change, they have to change their lens from this whole fixed mindset of doing one way, 'my way or the highway', which does not work… They need to move into their growth mindset.” - Filipo Levi

“Don’t go in there to provide solutions, go in there to encourage and inspire and to tell them your story.” - Filipo Levi

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