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Go figure, being yourself just works better /45
Episode 455th December 2022 • Unearthing Art • Bec Leigh and Michele Luminato
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See Michele's stunning exhibition Shared Wavelengths online at Fenton&Fenton Gallery.


Michele and Bec reflect a little on 2022, and the power of allowing your whole, real self show up more in everything you do. But revealing more of yourself isn’t something that’s as easy as flicking a switch, sometimes it’s about feeling the pull and following it even though you don’t know the what or how.

They also chat about the pressures that come with the end of the year, holiday time and worrying that you haven’t done enough. How do we navigate this time so we enter 2023 feeling nourished, hopeful and in good relationship with our art?

This is episode 45 of the Unearthing Art Podcast and our last for our 2022 season. We are so grateful for everyone who has listened (15k downloads!), messaged us through @unearthingart or dropped us a review on Apple podcasts. We will be back fresh and excited for the next chapter starting 9th January 2023.


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