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Rest. The final frontier
Episode 4528th July 2020 • You Are Not A Frog • Dr Rachel Morris
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In this episode, Rachel is joined by Sheela Hobden, Professional Certified Coach, wellbeing expert and fellow Shapes Toolkit facilitator. We talk about why rest isn’t just important for wellbeing, but important for productivity and creativity too. 

As doctors and other professionals, we can think that rest is just for other people, that we are superhuman and that we just need to keep going until we have just finished…. (fill in the blank). The reality is that our work is never done and if we wait until a convenient break in our schedule to rest and recharge then we’ll never take a break. 

We discuss tips and strategies for planning short and longer breaks and Sheela shares with us her top summer 2020 holiday survival tips:

Take time out (clear your physical space of work clutter, use voicemail and out of office)

  1. Go tourist – rediscover where you live with new eyes
  2. Catch some rays – make the most of the early mornings and light evenings
  3. Have a plan B (for when rain or other stuff stops play)
  4. Go funny – laughing is ALWAYS good for you
  5. Connect with other (a staple on this show!)

We’ve put together a summer survival toolkit full of hints and tips from our favourite wellbeing experts, GPs, leadership specialists and coaches. You can download it here

You can download our Stop Start Continue Checklist tool here -

We’re taking a dose of our own medicine and are going to take August off (we need it!). So do check out our back catalogue of podcasts over the summer – there are some gems there! A good summer listen would be How to be an Adult, or Eff it Living ). Thank you SO MUCH for your support over the last year – the podcast has been a great success and we couldn’t have done it without you! We’ll be back on 1st September.

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