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Taking the Leap and Building Your Wings on the Way Down
Episode 614th June 2022 • Rising Tide Talents With Katy Widrick • Katy Widrick
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Take the leap and build your wings on the way down.

If there is ONE phrase or mantra or affirmation that I believe applies to everyone, at every stage of business or stage of life, it’s this one.

That includes, by the way, scenarios where you aren’t leaping so much as getting pushed off a cliff – facing a layoff from your job, ending a relationship or friendship, closing a company or ending an initiative that once had hope and promise.

Building your wings is an ACTIVE endeavor, but it’s also one that requires faith. And to use another statement that’s been around the block…

You have to trust the process.

Oh, and I’ll also explain the special meaning behind part of my tattoo!

Let’s dive into it on today’s episode of the Rising Tide Talents show!