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Podcast Pontifications - Evo Terra EPISODE 221, 11th September 2019
Frenzy or Famine: The Future of RSS in Podcasting [Episode 221]

Frenzy or Famine: The Future of RSS in Podcasting [Episode 221]

The future of RSS feeds is part three of my 10-part miniseries on the future of podcasting. [Part 1, 2]

RSS feeds power the backbone of distribution. Barring a few minor namespace additions, they haven’t changed much in 15 years. And that alone makes them vulnerable, because the future favors change.

Many (if not most) of people new to podcast listening are consuming content in places RSS feeds don’t reach. For some of these platforms, RSS feeds don’t contain all the information needed. For others, the RSS feed is superfluous.

And apparently, if our media hosting companies are to be believed, the RSS feeds they generate on our behalf aren’t all that robust and are often error-filled or invalid. Odd that they don’t actively work to fix that, right?

For now -- but probably not forever -- RSS feeds will remain a fundamental part of podcasting. So don’t be lazy with yours. But don’t be Quixotic either. You have to embrace other distribution methods beyond RSS feeds already. Prepare for that to increase in the future.

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