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Aurélie Pols on Google Analytics Rulings by European DPA's
Episode 110th March 2022 • Life after GDPR • Rick Dronkers
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Life after GDPR - Ep. 1 - Aurélie Pols on Google Analytics Rulings by European DPA's

In this episode, I interview Aurélie Pols, a Data Protection Officer with a background in Digital Analytics who knows all about the GDPR and it's impact on Digital Marketing. You can follow Aurélie on Twitter and LinkedIn where she's always open to connect and discuss ideas!

In this episode we discuss:

  • The recent rulings of European DPA's about Google Analytics
  • The potential impact those rulings might have on cloud infrastructure
  • The new approach of European DPA's to focus on users of the tool, instead of the creators
  • The importance of interoperability between companies and the way they handle data requests
  • Aurélie's thoughts on consent-less tracking and whether it is possible under the GDPR
  • And much more...

Some of the resources mentioned in this podcast:

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