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Beyond the CE Mark: How can we achieve Medtech Reimbursement in France, Dr. Benoit Salaun?
Episode 5915th February 2024 • MAP - Market Access Podcast • Dr. Stefan Walzer
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Join us for a fascinating dive into the complexities of French market access with our latest episode of the Map Podcast. Dr. Stefan Walzer, health economist and founder of Mars Market Access & Pricing Strategy, engages with Dr. Benoit Salaun, a seasoned expert in French healthcare reimbursement.

They unravel:

  • The nuances of the French healthcare system
  • The essentials of medical device reimbursement
  • The importance of demonstrating efficacy, safety, and affordability
  • The role of clinical evidence and the adaptability of international data to French contexts
  • The strategic considerations for medtech companies entering the French market

Whether you’re a healthcare professional, a medtech innovator, or a market access strategist, this episode is packed with insights on how to ensure your medical device not only enters the French market but also achieves the price it deserves.

Tune in to gain expert knowledge on creating a successful roadmap for market access in France, and discover if the "French way" aligns with your company's goals.

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