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308: Peter Hopwood - Creating The Connection When Speaking
Episode 30830th May 2022 • Leadership Is Changing • Denis Gianoutsos.
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Can creating a connection happen on a whim? It may not work out that way at all. Preparation is still key. In this episode, Denis and Peter tackle the importance of storytelling and establishing a connection by using the right words, tones, and approach to effectively convey our message.

Peter Hopwood is a British Global Speaker Coach, Virtual Speaking Specialist & TEDx Coach, Storytelling for Sales Trainer, Worldwide Corporate Events MC & Speaker - lived in 7 countries, worked in 42, currently based in Split, Croatia - working worldwide on Zoom! 

Tune in as Denis and Peter discuss the impact of storytelling as leaders navigate their way to success and better positioning.

In this episode:

  • Peter discusses how he got into leadership and communication, his work as a speaker coach, and how leaders can connect with their audiences.
  • Being animated and having gestures helps to show that you are more confident and in control.
  • The way we speak and how we look will influence the way that people think about us.
  • Peter emphasizes the importance of spontaneity in audio productions, which can be difficult to achieve with recorded messages.
  • Curiosity is a key ingredient for a successful relationship with someone. When we are curious about someone, we are more likely to connect with them and feel comfortable around them.
  • Leaders should use storytelling to engage their audiences and communicate their messages more effectively.
  • Stories are an important way to connect with others, build credibility, and strengthen the connection between people.
  • Good connectors are aware of their surroundings and manage to connect with others through body language, facial expressions, and other signals.

Key Takeaways:

  • Take advantage of gestures when speaking to provide emphasis
  • How you present yourself matters in people’s minds
  • Remain spontaneous even when doing recordings
  • Stay curious and authentic when communicating with others
  • Leaders should utilize the power of storytelling for effective communication

Tweetable Quotes:

“It [effective speaking] is about the signals that you share, making sure that things are moving, there's something changing, there's something that's going to stimulate the brain… Anything predictable is not good.” - Peter Hopwood

“When we know our intention, it's so much easier to share it.” - Peter Hopwood

“It [creating connection] is something that we do constantly every day. So, why not say to ourselves, ‘I'm going to get really good at this. I can practice this every day.’ “ - Peter Hopwood

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