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The Reality of Restaurants: Food Trends, Post-Pandemic Restaurant Culture, and Tips for CRE Retail Leasing
Episode 714th July 2022 • The Matthews™ Podcast • Matthews Real Estate Investment Services™
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In this episode of the Matthews™ podcast, your host Matthew Wallace is joined by retail leasing expert and food/restaurant enthusiast Michael Pakravan, FVP and National Director of Retail Leasing at Matthews™. Michael will surely draw your attention; in this episode, he shares insight on restaurant operations, the evolution of restaurant culture, negotiating lease terms, and industry secrets. He has over 20+ years of experience and has brokered over 700 retail lease transactions.

 If you're wondering where the industry is heading now that restaurants are coming out of the woods from the pandemic or looking to sharpen your knowledge, this episode is for you. Michael is here to share his uncensored insight and answer all your restaurant real estate questions.

Podcast Breakdown

1:04 - Tell us your story. How did you get into retail leasing and real estate in general? And, how did you become the go-to restaurant guy?

4:05 - Let's dive deeper into retail leasing and what your day-to-day looks like. What types of tenants are you talking to? What is your role in getting them up and running in a shopping center?

6:56 - How was the retail leasing industry, particularly for restaurants, before COVID-19? How did the pandemic affect it, and what are the trends looking like now as we emerge into a new normal?

9:34 - What sectors in restaurants would you say were most affected by COVID-19, and which ones were able to navigate the storm the best?

11:12 - How are real estate strategies adjusting to the new normal? What impact did the pandemic have on how restaurants now use space and square footage?

13:08 - On the consumer side of the spectrum, what shifts have you seen in preferences? How are their preferences changing, and where do you see those trends heading?

18:48 - What is it about the restaurant and food culture that is so captivating for you?

26:02 - How has the concept of retail changed? Where does retail go from here?

30:06 - In terms of brokerage, how has data & technology impacted your day-to-day and career? What do you see coming down the pipe in the future?

33:43 - With all of these tools at your fingertips, how has it impacted decision-making from the landlord and tenant side?