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09. Landings 5/7: Crosswind Landings & Slips
4th March 2022 • Landings With A Flair: Pilot Flight Training • Landings With A Flair, LLC
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Crosswind landings are some of the most challenging maneuvers for pilots to learn. We will discuss forward slips, side slips, crabbing, common errors, and tips to improve your crosswind landings!

Handout (pdf format) –

Speakers –

Captain Theresa

Shanita Polk

Henrique Carneiro

Destinyjay Maletta

鄭 介民  

Omar AlHelali

Mehrdad Zarifkar

Johnny Pickett

Philipp Rodenkirchen

Animesh Vyas

Resources –

YouTube Video About Slips & Skids Mentioned In the Episode: "Slips vs Skids and Stalls InTheHangar Ep 48"

Clubhouse: New User Guide

Clubhouse: Pilot Flight Training House (Formerly a Club)

Instagram: @landingswithaflair

Show Website:

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