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Episode 13 - How to run a solid SaaS demo online, with Veronika Riederle, CEO & Co-Founder at Demodesk
Episode 136th May 2020 • The B2B Sales Podcast • Thibaut Souyris & Skip Miller
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In this new episode, Thibaut receives Veronika Riederle, CEO & Co-Founder at Demodesk for a conversation on how to run an online SaaS demo.

Veronika has experience working in the corporate world and consulting, before founding Demodesk, an intelligent online meeting tool for sales teams.

In this interview, Veronika and Thibaut exchange on how to prepare for a good online demo, mistakes to avoid as a junior rep running a demo and tips and tricks around scheduling or keeping control of a sales process.

You can find Veronika on LinkedIn here.

Go check Demodesk here.

Enjoy the show!