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Episode 18 – Jak 2 (Renegade)
Episode 1823rd March 2021 • Games We Grew Up With • Games We Grew Up With
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It’s time to go back to the past!  Err… back to the future!  Or… oh who cares, it’s BACK TO THE JAK!  Chris and Katie are jumping into the pools of Dark Eco, picking up Precursor Orbs, and figuring out what’s new and exciting with the second iteration of the Jak & Daxter series.

Taking a giant roll-jump forward from the first game in the series, Jak 2 adds flying cars, hoverboards, guns, time travel, politics, angry guards, and… let’s just say some new voices pop up!

So hop into the speeder, take a listen, and enjoy a breakdown of a game that (spoilers) broke Host Chris down pretty well too!